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Wednesday, December 13, 2017
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The National Biodiversity Indicators Portal is the leading resource for information on national biodiversity indicators for anyone involved in their development or use, or with an interest in indicators.

This website aims to help practitioners seek and offer support by accessing BIP tools and resources and by sharing experiences, lessons learnt and best practices.

Latest News

2nd Capacity Building workshop for francophone Africa on 'Indicators as part of NBSAP Updating' - workshop report now available 

In October 2013, 27 participants from eight countries of francophone Africa attended a workshop on 'Indicators as part of NBSAP Updating. This workshop followed on from the workshop on 'Indicators and Integration of CITES and CMS Objectives as part of NBSAP Updating', held in June 2013. The three day workshop brought together many of the same participants to further develop skills and confidence for indicator development and strengthen the 'community of practice' among practitioners in the region. The workshop report is available here (in French).

2nd Capacity Building workshop for the western Balkans region on 'Indicators as part of NBSAP Updating' - workshop report now available

16 participants from seven countries of the western Balkans region attended the three day workshop was held in Kolašin, Montenegro. This workshop followed on from the first workshop on the same subject, held in Konjic, Bosnia and Herzegovina in March this year. For more information on the workshop content and results, please see the workshop report available here.

'Developing Biodiversity Indicators' - 
e-learning module now available online

The BIP is proud to announce the launch of its e-learning module, ‘Developing Biodiversity Indicators’. This module consists of five lessons: the first lesson provides an introduction to the key concepts and definitions, while the next four lessons cover the ‘Biodiversity Indicator Development Framework’. A sixth lesson on ‘incorporating indicators into NBSAPs’ is in development. This lesson will look at key considerations for indicator development at the different stages of the NBSAP updating process.

The module is hosted on The Nature Conservancy’s dedicated e-learning platform,, and is free and available to anyone wishing to learn more about developing biodiversity indicators.

Developing Biodiversity Monitoring Indicators for Uganda: Draft report now available

A draft report produced by the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) of Uganda is now available. This report describes the indicator development process and uses a series of biodiversity indicators to demonstrate the status and trends for a range of issues. To view the report, click here.

Second Training of Facilitators Global Workshop held in Cambridge, UK

The second global workshop for the BIP's 'Training of Biodiversity Indicator Facilitators' programme has taken place in Cambridge, UK. This three-day training workshop brought together 22 Facilitators from around the world, following on from the first global workshop held in April 2013. The workshop focused on strengthening technical knowledge and skills around indicator development, as well as developing confidence and expertise for facilitating workshops and training courses. There were also many opportunities to share experiences and lessons learned from working as Facilitators in different countries and regions.

CBD National Workshop on Indicators and NBSAP for Iraq takes place

A national workshop for Iraq was held from the 1st to the 4th July 2013 in Amman, Jordan. The workshop focused on the development of Iraq's first NBSAP, since becoming a Party to the Convention on Biological Diversity in 2009. It included a day focussed on biodiversity indicator development, led by a representative of the BIP Secretariat and a trained Biodiversity Indicator Facilitator. 

Capacity Building Workshop on Indicators and Integration of CMS and CITES Objectives as part of NBSAP Updating Currently Underway

The first capacity building workshop on "Indicators and Integration of CMS and CITES Objectives as part of NBSAP Updating" for countries of francophone Africa is currently taking place. The 4-day workshop is being held in Douala, Cameroon, and addresses synergies between the different biodiversity-related conventions as well as the role and development of biodiversity indicators.

Biodiversity Indicator Forum now live

The BIP Secretariat is pleased to announce that the Biodiversity Indicator Forum is now live on the BIP National Web Portal. We warmly invite all those working on, developing and using biodiversity indicators worldwide to join the forum. Registration is quick and easy, and the forum provides an open space for practitioners to seek and offer support and to connect with one another. 

Visit the Biodiversity Indicator Forum and sign up now 

Capacity Building Workshop for the Western Balkans on Indicators as part of NBSAP Updating - Workshop Report Now Available

The report from the first Western Balkans Capacity Building Workshop on Indicators as part of NBSAP Updating is now available online. The four-day workshop was held in Konjic, Bosnia and Herzegovina in March 2013, bringing together 18 participants from 7 countries of the western Balkans region, as well as representatives from the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), UNEP Regional Office for Europe, ECNC and Zoi Environment Network. A follow-up workshop is planned for 2013. 


Find a Biodiversity Indicator Facilitator in your region

The BIP has trained 22 Biodiversity Indicator Facilitators from around the world, to support developing indicators as part of NBSAP updating and implementation. The Facilitators are available to assist in the design and delivery of workshops and meetings, using guidance materials developed and tested by the BIP. If you are organising indicator-related work and would like support from one of the Facilitators in your region you will find a full list of Facilitators here.

The 'First Global Workshop' for the Training of Biodiversity Indicator Facilitators currently taking place in Cambridge, UK

The Biodiversity Indicators Partnership has brought together 22 individuals from all over the world to take part in the first of two training workshops in order to develop their technical skills for indicator development as well as their practical skills for facilitating workshops. Following this workshops, the trained Facilitators will be able to facilitate indicator related workshops in their own countries and regions. To find a Facilitator please click here.


First capacity building workshop for the western Balkans region currently under way

The Biodiversity Indicators Partnership's capacity building workshop for the countries of the western Balkans on Biodiversity Indicators as part of NBSAP Updating is currently taking place in Konjic, Bosnia and Herzegovina. 16 participants from 7 countries are attending the 4-day workshop organised by UNEP-WCMC and UNEP, in collaboration with the Secretariat of the CBD and the Ministry of Environment and Tourism of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The workshop report will be made available online in April 2013.


Guidance for National Biodiversity Indicator Development and Use now available in Russian 

Руководство по разработке и использованию Национальных индикаторов биозразнообразия сейчас доступно на Русском языке. 

This valuable resource has now been translated into Russian to help the BIP reach even more indicator practitioners in Russia and Eastern Europe. This document, which aims to promote and guide the development and use of successful biodiversity indicators, is now available in 5 languages in total.



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More information

All this information and more is available in the document,‘Guidance for National Biodiversity Indicator Development and Use’, to download this document click on the appropriate language link below


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