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E-learning module: Developing Biodiversity Indicators

Developing Biodiversity Indicators

The BIP has produced an e-learning module on 'Developing Biodiversity Indicators'

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CBD Technical Series 72: Earth Observation for Biodiversity Monitoring

CBD Technical Series 72: Earth Observation for Biodiversity Monitoring

This report shows how earth observation technologies can and should fit into systems for biodiversity monitoring, as well as demonstrates how these approaches could further improve relevant indicators for the Aichi Biodiversity Targets. It illustrates a clear track from observations done by remote sensing platforms through Essential Biodiversity Variables to biodiversity indicators and ultimately to the assessment of progress towards the Aichi Biodiversity Targets and ultimately in support of evidence-based decision making. There is clearly huge potential for involving the wide range of current and emerging Earth Observation products in biodiversity monitoring. However, it is imperative that a balance is achieved between innovation in new products and the continuity of existing earth observations. A consistent, comparable readily available time series of biodiversity-relevant earth observations, such as long-term land cover change, is a pressing need. If this need were filled it would greatly enhance our ability to keep biodiversity and ecosystems under proper review and take well informed policy decisions.

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