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Wednesday, December 13, 2017
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The Biodiversity Indicator Development Framework

To learn more about developing successful biodiversity indicators, you can explore the 'Biodiversity Indicator Development Framework' by clicking here. 

The  framework is intended to be used as a guide to better understand what is involved in producing biodiversity indicators and to help plan the most appropriate development process for each situation.



Why are national biodiversity indicators useful to countries?

Indicators are a central part of effective decision-making. They can be used for a number of reasons:

          to help understand the current and past status of biodiversity, and why it may be changing

          to help decide on the most appropriate goals, policies and actions to address an issue

          to raise awareness about an issue through different communication channels and means

          to put the issue and responses into context.

          to help assess the progress, success and effectiveness of policy decisions and actions taken to address an issue as part of adaptive management.

          to track progress towards global, regional and national targets

Indicators provide an important interface between policy and biodiversity-related science. However, indicators by themselves provide little understanding of an issue and they always need some analysis and interpretation of what they show. 

More information

All this information and more is available in the document,‘Guidance for National Biodiversity Indicator Development and Use’, to download this document click on the appropriate language link below


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 You can view the BIP's many resources for indicator practitioners by clicking here

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